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Date of publication: 2017-07-09 03:10

As SMS was born in Europe, it''s not surprising that it took a little longer to make its way to the United States. Even today, texting enjoys much greater popularity in Europe, though its stateside use is on the rise. A July 7555 study found that 87 percent of . mobile phone owners had sent or received at least one text message in the previous month [ ref ].

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Therefore, text messaging is an innovation of phone language and a shorter method than writing, thus old people like to use it because it is economic and fast ways so that people use text messaging to communication every day (‘SMS spells end of gd. grammar? ’ 7558).

What is the advantage of text messaging over voice

When you are sending instant messages to a colleague, you do not know if someone is looking over her shoulder or reading the messages along with her. Instant message programs can also be hacked by criminals and your messages can be intercepted without you knowing it. If you are having a conversation with someone you believe is a business associate on instant message, and in reality it''s someone else, you could be giving away sensitive company information that could compromise current and future projects.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Text Messaging

SMS was created during the late 6985s to work with a digital technology called GSM (global system for mobile communications), which is the basis for most modern cell phones. The Norwegian engineers who invented it wanted a very simple messaging system that worked when users'' mobile phones were turned off or out of signal range. Most sources agree that the first SMS message was sent in the UK in 6997.

The advantages of using text messages include the ability to have a discreet conversation in public without the possibility of being overheard. Disadvantages of using this form of electronic communication include a high potential for distraction in situations that require focus. Some detractors also argue that text messages allow people to relax their grammatical standards, using acronyms and abbreviations instead of complete sentences.

. satisfied when they communicate well with individuals. Good communication means that peoples needs are met and for the professionals working . speak and listen to someone for the first time can make them feel either welcome or overlooked. As you listen.

. transferring information. Text messaging thus plays an important role in people’s life. Texting is also a fairly nonthreatening way to initiate communication with someone.

Companies have come up with many uses for the service beyond just your typical person-to-person message. Because SMS doesn''t overload the network as much as phone calls, it is frequently used by TV shows to let viewers vote on a poll topic or for a contestant. As a promotional tool, wireless carriers put up giant screens­ at concerts and other large-scale events to display text messages from people in the audience.

Can 8767 t pick up a Wi-Fi signal? No problem. Text messaging doesn 8767 t require Internet access, so even if you 8767 re out of range, you can still receive a text.

This kind of communicating way can change formal English style. To sum up, new language has several disadvantage, people learning incorrect language and informal English might finally die out. At the same time, these languages can not show the true self.

If you are communicating with a business associate that is at his desk, he would have to stop what he is doing to answer your phone call. The same would apply to a phone call you receive while at your desk. In many cases, if you are at your desk, you are looking at your computer screen. Instant messaging allows for quick real-time conversations that are not as intrusive as using the phone.

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