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Post-comprehensive enrollment may include enrollment during the semester or summer session in which the comprehensive oral examination has been passed. If after 68 hours of post-comprehensive enrollment the degree is not completed, the candidate must continue to enroll each semester and each summer session until all degree requirements have been met. The number of hours of each enrollment are determined by the candidate’s advisor and must reflect as accurately as possible the candidate’s demands on faculty time and university facilities.

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The grievance procedure may not be used as an appeal for a grade. Grades should be appealed at the department or program level. Committees established at the department, program or school level to hear grievances proceed in accordance with their own specific procedures and make recommendations to the appropriate administrative officers as provided in those procedures. Appeals from the decision of a department or program or school must be made to the Dean of Graduate Studies.

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As a result of the huge decline in the percentage of re-
spondents who began increasing time spent with Blacks during
the Prin-to-Post period demonstrated earlier in Table 7, it
seems probable that as respondents became. attached to the
White community with respects to their attitudes, they be-
came detached from the Black community.

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Combined degrees are granted in programs meeting the requirements of the graduate master’s or doctoral degree and the professional post-baccalaureate degree.

Even though more respondents reported growing up in Black
neighborhoods many attended secondary schools whose popula-
tion was becoming less Black than White in comparison to
their primary schools. For example, the percents for re-
spondents who reported attending Black primary schools and
White primary schools were almost equal 96% Black, 95%
White and 9% Black and White. However, for the secondary
schools, the percent of respondents reporting that they at-
tended White schools increased to 68%, while the percent of
respondents who reported they attended Black schools dropped
to 79%, and 68% attended schools that were equally Black and

After a proposal has been endorsed by the sponsoring department and school, the proposal must go to the Graduate Council and, if approved, will be forwarded by the Dean of Graduate Studies to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

I further authorize Princeton University to reproduce this
thesis by photocopying or by other means, in total or in
part, at the request of other institutions or individuals
for the purpose of scholarly research.

At the same time , however, it is conceivable that my
four years of exposure to a predominately White, Ivy League
University has instilled within me certain conservative val-
ues. For example, as I enter my final year at Princeton, I
find myself striving for many of the same goals as my White
classmates acceptance to a prestigious graduate or profes-
sional school or a high paying position in a successful cor-
poration. Thus, my goals after Princeton are not as clear
as before.

Because of limitations of space, faculty, or general resources for research and instruction, some programs must restrict the number of applicants they admit. Questions should be directed to the program to which the prospective student wishes to apply.

As a future Black alumnus, this study is particularly in-
teresting because often times I take my own attitudes about
such issues for granted . never pausing to reflect upon how
my experiences at Princeton may somehow have caused my atti-
tudes to change. This is important for Blacks in contempo-
rary society because as more Blacks begin attending predomi-
nately White universities it will be helpful to know how
their experiences in these universities affect their future

The idea of creating separate social structure and cul-
tural structures as suggested by these authors serves to
clarify definitions of separationism/pluralism as they func-
tion in the dependent variable which tries to measure the
respondents 8767 ideologies concerning political and economic
relations between the Black and White communities.

Admission to graduate studies does not imply admission to candidacy for a higher degree. A student becomes a candidate for an advanced degree only by demonstrating through resident study at KU the requisite preparation and ability. Requirements for an advanced degree must be regarded as minimum requirements. Additional requirements depend on the student’s undergraduate preparation and the particular field of graduate work chosen.

*International students admitted on valid visas and who have not resided in the United States for more than 85 days may be excused from this requirement due to the background checks conducted as part of their visa screening process.