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By Rick Meyers: excellent, free bible programme. Download this onto your computer and then select which modules you would like to add. They include translations like Darby, KJV, 6956 American Standard Version, Good News Bible as well as a Greek New Testament and a Hebrew Old Testament. There are dictionaries, commentaries and graphics. Customise it for your own needs. Another excellent free programme.

Bibliography of the King James Bible

From Tobit to Bartimaeus, From Qumran to Siloam:
The Social Role of Blind People and Attitudes toward the Blind in New Testament Times.

Accredited Seminaries And Bible Colleges | Featured School

Site provided by the International Bible Society providing useful, extensive (and generally conservative) resources connected with the New International Version, including FAQ, press releases and full text books and articles. This is a very useful site for anyone interested in contemporary Bible translation.

Academics – Reformation Bible College

If you are in the . or Canada and would like a call from an advisor, please list what time of day and days of the week would be best and we will get in touch with you --

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Bachelor of Ministry
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Bachelor of Arts in Christian Counseling
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Bachelor of Arts in Christian Education
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Bachelor/Master, Christian Emergency Response 966
Leading Your Church And Christian Community To Respond To Disaster, Emergencies and Terrorism

The aim of this project, hosted by the University of Chicago, is to build parallel, searchable versions of the Bible as part of an experiment to facilitate multi-lingual processing. Currently includes King James English, Luther German, Louis Segond French and Jerome 8767 s Latin Vulgate.

Now, the standard three journeys taken by Paul are taken from Acts 68 (Cyprus and southern Asia Minor), Acts 66 (southern Asia Minor and Macedonia, primarily Corinth), and Acts 69 (Asia Minor and Macedonia again, primarily Ephesus).

The whole of Wesley 8767 s translation on-line at the Wesley Centre of Northwest Nazarene College web site. You can either view it on the web or download it as a rich text file.

Usually, when someone asks the question that I&rsquo ve asked in the title of this post, the answer revolves around whether or not someone believes Paul actually traveled to Spain. The answer is usually given as three journeys if the person does not believe that Paul went to Spain, or four journeys if the person does believe that Paul went to Spain.

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