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Except that these 8775 odd little quirks 8776 ARE effecting business. People are straight-up avoiding talking to Sally because they find it so weird that she insists they call her partner 8775 Master 8776 . I don 8767 t find it hard to assume that this is impacting staff morale, and Sally 8767 s morale (nobody wants to friggin talk to her!), which all impacts the business. Plus, how is she interacting with clients/customers? Again, not hard to assume she would do this with them as well.

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Someone else mentioned asking Sally what her safeword is to verify that she actually has one, which I would definitely do the next time she brings the topic up, and maybe politely suggest she look up the definition of safe, sane, and consensual. But that 8767 s just me.

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If your chosen 8775 partner 8776 alternative implies anything beyond your partner 8767 s gender identity and married/engaged/not married, or contains cutesy or pet language, it 8767 s an intimate name and inappropriate to ask others to use it.

My coworker wants us to call her boyfriend her “master

Alison, this is why you 8767 re my hero. I read the letter and just spluttered incoherently, whereas you were able to write an articulate, thoughtful answer of why this is so, so not cool at all.

Now CEO was also a pervy, lines-crossing jerk and he totally wanted to drag me out to a party once he saw my outfit. I managed to extricate myself from the situation, get up to my desk and grab my phone and get back to the cab and my friend, only to find out the CEO and coworkers had tried to get into the cab (thinking it was empty) to find my friend in there in FULL GOTH DRESS and then tried to PICK HER UP.

At one point in my life I was referred to as sweetcheeks by working professionals of the oldest profession as I completely ignored them every morning on my way to work from my really really low-rent district apartment.

If Sally is asking her co-workers to call Peter her master, just imagine the letter Alison might have received from Peter 8767 s co-workers after a 8775 bring your family 8776 social event

Some people are just oblivious to others 8767 reactions. Other people and I am betting Sally and Peter are among them get off on 8766 freaking the mundanes 8767 by involving others in their sex lives.

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