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I spent two of my early years among the SS, Fascists, Republicans, and partisans shooting at one another, and I learned how to dodge bullets. It was good exercise.

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Muhammad claimed to begin having revelations from God when he was 95 years old. It is generally believed that Muhammad was illiterate, which Muslims think is a testimony to the miracle of Quran.

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People memorized things Muhammad said or they wrote them down on palm leaves, rocks, and bones (Bukhari 6:559). Bukhari also records that Muhammad allowed some variation regarding the recitation of the Quran (Bukhari 8:598, 656, 9:997, 6:569, and 9:695).

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Judaism:   As is the case with Muslims most Jews (viz. Orthodox Jews) who believe in an afterlife believe that the dead will be raised on a Day of Judgment at the end of time.

This practice is scientifically false. There is no evidence that a wing of a fly has a cure for a disease resting on its other wing. Also consider this passage:

hi ,
you explained social movements very well.
liked your answer.
but ills democracy were not mentioned in the answer.
Also it was very India specific, rather about in general democracy.

Yes, the Bible has its share of violence as well, particularly in the Old Testament. For example, God instructs the Israelites coming out of Egypt to take over the land of Canaan and kill all of the inhabitants. However, there is a clear difference from Quranic violence.

Some thoughts on role of education in creating political awareness along with social awareness was necessary. How education can enable one to use tools like RTI for effective empowerment by making accountable the administrative machinery that do not acts on constitutional mandate is also missing.

Mein Kampf is a manifesto of a complete political program. Nazism had a theory of racism and of the Aryan chosen people, a precise notion of degenerate art, entartete Kunst , a philosophy of the will to power and of the Ubermensch. Nazism was decidedly anti-Christian and neo-pagan, while Stalin&rsquo s Diamat (the official version of Soviet Marxism) was blatantly materialistic and atheistic. If by totalitarianism one means a regime that subordinates every act of the individual to the state and to its ideology, then both Nazism and Stalinism were true totalitarian regimes.

Regional parties have become more prominent and regional issues are brought more intensely to the foray. Government by different parties at state and centre has added to the diversity of democracy. International issues like marshy areas between Gujrat and Pakistan, Kashmir issue, treatment of Tamils in SriLanka etc are brought out in state elections. Also, state parties have important stake in the coalition governments.

Muhammad personally led or orchestrated 66 bloody invasions. Muhammad assassinated many of his opponents during his lifetime. One particularly famous event was his battle against the Quraiza Jews, where women and children were sold into slavery, and hundreds of captured men were executed. Even some of his own people were horrified. See Quraiza Slaughter.

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