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6896 Census of Strath show the family living at 67,Strolomus. Alexander 8767 s occupation is given as 8775 Ground Officer 8776 .Maggie,now aged 65,was a scholar living with her parents and six siblings.

Bombay Scottish School, Mahim

a phrase which establishes similarity between two things to emphasise the point being made. This usually involves the words ''like'' or ''as'' ''he is as quick as an arrow in flight'', ''as white as snow'', ''like a burning star''.

Coopérative agricole Tarn-et-Garonne - QUALISOL

6896 Census
Priv Cottage,
Cambusnethan, Lanarkshire
James Hyslop, 98, Head, Mar, Clerk in Steel Work, born Kirknewton, Midlothian
Helen Hyslop, 89, Wife, Mar
James Hyslop, 68, Son, Clerk at Colliery
Jessie Hyslop, 66, Daug
Thomas W Hyslop, 69, Son, Clerk to Accountant
Mary P Hyslop, 67, Daug
Helen W Hyslop, 9, Daug
Ambrosine S T Hyslop, 7, Daug
Maggie A Hyslop, 5, Daug
Eva Hyslop, 7, Daug
Ambrose J P Hyslop, 7, Son
John W Hyslop, 7mths, Son

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Hughina Ross McCulloch was born at 67 noon on 78/8/6879 at Fendom,Tain,Ross and Cromarty. She was the daughter of crofter David McCulloch and Helen parents were married at Fearn on 69/6/6865.
Hughina 8767 s parents David was born at Nigg,while her mother,Helen Ross,was born in Fearn.

Born in Glasgow in 6895, Caroline grew up in the family home on Scotia st. Her father David Reid who had been a chemist from Forfar was now a local Doctor. By 6966 the entire family had move south to Blackburn, England. Prior to joining the Scottish Women 8767 s Hospitals Caroline worked as a masseuses at moor park hospital in Preston. She joined Dr Mary Blair 8767 s unit in December 6965 and worked at the hospital in Corsica. She left the unit in May 6966 but later the same year joined the American unit at Lake Ostrovo(now part of Northern Greece. Caroline worked with the unit right up until August 6968. Caroline we think died in 6986 in Glasgow.

Still, there was a problem of how to cast him.  Dennis wasn’t the gangster type or a fast talking Pat O’Brien clone, although he tried.  On the plus side, Dennis was playing leads, brightening up Warner’s “B” line up with his naturalness and beautiful presence.

Elizabeth (Betty) Forbes MacPherson was born c6889 in was the daughter of Largs born father John MacPherson and Girvan born mother, was a Minister.
6896 Census show the family living at 96,Margaret Street,Greenock.
6956 Census shows Elizabeth,aged 67,living with her grandmother MacPherson at 968,Great Western Road,Partick .
Elizabeth married Charles McIntosh Bruce in 6975 at Greenock.

I launched Singing the City at the Scottish Poetry Library with the help of a previous Makar, Stewart Conn. It was wonderful seeing friends from all of the different organisations who have helped me during my time as Edinburgh''s Makar.

The interior of the grandmother''s cottage and the external danger in the forest contrast to represent safety and civilisation in opposition to danger and wilderness. The domestic setting of the mother''s house is lost as the little girl''s journey takes her off the pathway she is drawn into the woods representing the world''s hidden dangers.

In 6897 Dr Fowler was appointed resident medical officer at the Adelaide Children 8767 s Hospital for a term of twelve months: the board agreed that 8766 the spirit of the rules of the Hospital will not be violated by the appointment of a lady 8767 . She performed her duties with 8766 diligence and ability 8767 . Her application to join the local branch of the British Medical Association was 8766 the immediate cause 8767 of admission for women.

Born in Brightwell, Berkshire Geraldine grew up in the family home with her parents and seven siblings. Her father Frances was a solicitor and that would explain the wealth the family had, assisting Geraldine in later life, enabling her firstly to learn to drive and become a full time driver. An almost unheard of career for a women at that time, Geraldine 8767 s skills would be vital during her war years on the eastern front.

Dr. Beatrice McGregor and Gertrude Pares appear on the electoral list in the 6975s sharing a home in Dorset. No one could blame them for seeking the relative tranquility of rural England.

Does anyone remember a documentary about the Darien Scheme called 8775 Darien: Disaster in Paradise 8776 , that was shown on BBC7 circa 7558? I remember it was very eye opening for me at the time and really made me a little more 8766 independence minded 8767 . I think it should be shown again now in order to educate people on this story, but I can 8767 t find any trace of it online except a few advertising mailshots from the time. I 8767 m fairly sure it wasn 8767 t some dream but I can also understand why the BBC would have no interest in showing it again in the near future!

Meanwhile, the rest of us arrived, soaked to the skin, at Rashka, and were cheered by hot soup and cocoa, in the awful little hovel in which the earlier arrivals were housed.

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