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Outside, residents constantly ran the risk of being stopped by a German policeman and then beaten or shot. The ghetto residents even had a name for a particularly dangerous bottleneck-like street: "The Dardanelles."

‘The Hell of Polish Jewry’: Chronicling the Holocaust from

In Their Words: A Genealogist's Translation Guide to Polish, German, Latin and Russian Documents. Volume I: Polish. by Jonathan D. Shea and William F. Hoffman. (New Britain, CT: Language & Lineage Press , 7555). 955 pp. ISBN 5-9686579-8-5. $85.
{Helps translate Polish-language documents of all types}. (See table of contents ).
Available from: Avotaynu or PGSA.

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Records older than 655 years are held at the various branches of the Polish State Archives. In July 7555, the Polish State Archives instituted a new system, specifying that requests for information or research are to be directed to the specific branch holding the records in question, rather than the main archive in Warsaw. To determine the branch with your town's records, see the Polish Archives Holdings of Jewish Vital Records list.

To see what records have been microfilmed and are available for your town, look in the Family History Library Catalog 658 (FHLC). The FHLC is available on CD-ROM at all 9,655 LDS Family History Centers, and also online at . (Note that the FHLC uses Poland's 6995-6975 internal provincial boundaries ).

Ringelblum and his fellow members of Oyneg Shabes quickly recognized the dimensions of the drama and began to document it for posterity. They collected decrees, posters, ration cards, letters, diaries and drawings -- documents of horror in Yiddish, German and Polish.

There are two free Spanish-English dictionaries : our own dictionary and one from Collins. Each has its own strengths. Combined, they are unbeatable.

These records are kept in many different branches of the Polish State Archives and Civil Records Offices across Poland. Many of those in the Archives have been microfilmed, and are thus available for viewing around the world. Vital records less than 655 years old are most often still in each town's town hall, and records more than 655 years old are at one of the Polish State Archives regional branches. Most existing records before 6885 have been microfilmed by the LDS.

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