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Education and Dalit Empowerment
Caste System which is in existence in India from ancient times, is a division of society traditionally based on occupation and family lineage. Dalit 8767 s who are at the lowest level of caste hierarchy, are the people on whom inhumane and unjust restrictions are imposed and are exploited to the highest level. Dalit 8767 s who constitute 66% of the country 8767 s population still struggle to achieve social equality.

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6. A topic of high contemporary relevance especially given the recent SC ruling about establishing Civil Service Boards to free the bureaucracy from the excessive political influence. This single issue has bought to the limelight the relevance of institutions like the Civil Services, which are colonial legacies, in the present Indian scenario.

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I don 8767 t think this would suffice the statement. I think, they are asking as to how Gandhi adapted himself to changes/challenges he faced and what results they produced.


In India, in early 7555s, there was a agitation which demanded for enactment of a legislation called Right to Information. It was spearheaded by a NGO. This legislation would bring about democratization of information and thus would ensure transparency and accountability in governance. This movement didn 8767 t see immediate success. But slowly and steadily it built up support both in government and among public, In 7555, the Right to Information Act was enacted. The current Lokpal agitation is similar to RTI agitation. So, even though presently it may seem the Lokpal movement has failed to achieve anything but in the ling run it will bear fruits.

Hindus have a tradition of paying regards to
Sun God early in the morning by their water offering ritual. It was mainly
because looking at Sun rays through water or directly at that time of the day
is good for eyes and also by waking up to follow this routine, we become prone
to a morning lifestyle and mornings are proven to be the most effective part of
the day.

A dalit boy from mahar caste who was not even allowed to share the same jug for drinking water with his classmates, went on to study at Columbia University and London school of economics. This 8766 untouchable 8767 boy one day became the architect of the Indian Constitution and turned out to be one of the greatest leaders of modern India. Like Babasaheb Ambedkar many dalits have been able to overcome social,economic and political discrimination through the power of education. In the Indian society education is the most potent weapon which can empower dalits and rid them of the inhumane discrimination faced by them since ages.

is forced sex by a man on other person. This is the most heinous crime against physical integrity of women and children. was used historically to assert physical dominance over the victim. After wars or ethnic cleansing, was used as an instrument to signify dominance over the losing side. This is still seen in cases of religious violence as in Gujrat and Kashmir. The social stigma attached with makes the victim more ashamed and gives the perpetrator a sense of empowerment.

Yesterday I was very excited to see that the comedian Patton Oswalt had announced his engagement to Meredith Salenger. Now, anyone who know 8767 s me knows that I don 8767 t follow the lives of celebrities at all. I 8767 ve made an exception for him. Our spouses both unexpectedly died within 8 days of each other and both of us have processed our grief journey fairly openly. (Of course, his platform is a mite bigger than mine lol)

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