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Describe how teachers may use assistive technology.

  • 7. How to increase the performance of children with visual impairments with a help of assistive technology?
  • List the methods which provide best results.

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    Assessment methods emphasise not just knowledge, but essential skills development too. They include formal exams, group projects, reports, computer simulation exercises, essays and written assignments, group and individual presentations.

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    St Andrews has two postgraduate prospectuses - one for taught courses and one for research programmes. Both prospectuses are available for you to view and download.

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    Our vibrant learning environment combines traditional forms of delivery (lectures, seminars, and tutorials) with practice-based learning including work placements, expert guest speakers, and linked project work including, for example, an Environmental Impact Assessment. During the degree there are opportunities to apply your academic learning in a variety of real-world environmental contexts, including field work, consultancy, business, and social enterprise.

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    The best part of my studies was the diverse culture. Meeting with people from different parts of the world, sharing ideas and views about the financial market across the globe.

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