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In the graphic design program you will develop sharp design skills and learn to use visual information to communicate and make an impact. Through your coursework, including a balance of hands-on studio, lecture, and digital courses, you&rsquo ll evolve into a creative thought-leader with design expertise, a professional portfolio, and a strategic approach that reflects your artistic talent and professional goals.

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Faculty Profile: Prof. Robert Gehrz
I'm enthralled by dirt -- at least the astronomical kind. The dust out of which our planet formed, originally came from the stars. For many years, I have been studying the conditions under which this dust condenses out of hotter gases. Novae, for example, are stars that undergo non-fatal explosions that expel enormous amounts of dust into space. I have played major roles in the decades-long planning and development of the Spitzer Infrared Telescope, now bringing us spectacular images of our dusty space environment. I am looking forward to using the infrared-optimized LBT to study dust in interesting systems such as the RY Scuti binary system, with two stars orbiting each other so closely that they touch.

Fabrication Classes, Courses and Training Programs

A degree in GCD will prepare you for graduate study in molecular biology or related biological sciences, for professional training programs in health sciences, careers in teaching, and entry-level positions in industry, government agencies, or universities.

Welding Education Requirements and Career Information

Graduates from our elementary education programs are justice-seeking people, educators, and leaders. Deeply engaged with children, communities, colleagues, and the field of education, our students allow themselves to be vulnerable by repositioning challenges as new opportunities to learn. We constantly question and seek greater understanding and alternative approaches in the classroom. We are part of a growing movement that disrupts the status quo in public education as we build a just future together.

Students apply to the Business Law minor in fall or spring and generally start the minor in their sophomore or junior year. This minor can also prepare you for further study in law school, an MBA program, or other graduate program.

In this minor you will study Dutch spoken language, literature, culture, and civilization. You&rsquo ll also have the opportunity to take elective courses in a wide range of areas including literature, culture, contemporary and historical languages, film, history, and contemporary society.

This course is for fabrication students already familiar with reading blueprints. Students learn how to convert information on blueprints into actual works made of metal or other materials. Skills developed include making metal projects to scale (based off of models), forming jigs and constructing shapes. This class is given in part lecture, part lab format. Time is also spent studying quality control topics.

The nonprofit major blends general management-focused courses from the Carlson School with nonprofit-focused courses from the Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs. All students complete an additional major within Carlson therefore, every student is able to apply their functional specialty of business to the intricacies of the nonprofit sector.

Admissions Overview
Learn more about the campus and what makes UW-River Falls a great place to live and learn.

Admitted Student Track
Admitted students that have already visited UW-River Falls are encouraged to join our New Student and Family Programs staff as they do a deep dive on life as a first year college student and the questions or situations students and families might have about the college experience.

The . program places a stronger emphasis on research in the field of developmental psychology. With a combination of intensive training in developmental psychology and in-depth directed research, the program prepares students for graduate study in psychology, education, medicine, law, sociology, and other behavioral sciences.

Studying abroad will help you understand how science and society intersect not only in the US but around the globe. Learn about study abroad options at http:///students/maps/cla/bse-new.

As a student studying microbiology you will have the opportunity to work alongside faculty and engage in a collective effort to research the enigmas of modern biology and, in that pursuit, learn the technologies that have emerged in the past decade. The community that is the Department of Microbiology is made up of scholars committed to discovering and disseminating knowledge about the microbial world. A key goal of microbiologists is to find new ways to use microbes to our advantage, such as engineering bacteria to synthesize cancer drugs or clean up toxic waste sites, so the work you do as a microbiology student can have a real, positive impact on the world we live in.

Set in the foothills of Mount Canobolas, Orange has a relaxed country atmosphere combined with boutique shops, sporting facilities, and quality educational and health services.

Fabrication focuses on the assembly of raw materials (typically metal) to build cars, buildings or other industrial structures. Because fabrication is useful in many fields, the topic may be taught in programs such as automotive technology, metal fabrication welding, and fashion (for jewelry fabrication). Programs typically range from eighteen to twenty-four months, depending on the specialty and education level.

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