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Date of publication: 2017-08-26 05:32

Mira Beth Wasserman (Jewish Studies), Assistant Professor, Reconstructionist Rabbinical College, Philadelphia.
The Humanity of the Talmud: Reading for Ethics in Bavli Avoda Zara
Advisor: Daniel Boyarin

American Civil War and SDA Church

Samuel Frank Thrope (Jewish Studies), Golda Meir postdoctoral fellow at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem.
Contradictions and Vile Utterances: The Zoroastrian Critique of Judaism in the Škand Gumānīg Wizār
Advisor: Martin Schwartz

Former Adventist Fellowship Forum: Ron Graybill's dissertation

Michael T. T. Castori (NER)
Israel and the Nations in the Mekhilta of Rabbi Ishmael and Origen's Homilies on Exodus: A study in biblical interpretation

The Growing Legacy Raising the Quality to a Much Wider

Hayes, Christine Elizabeth. Between the Babylonian and Palestinian Talmuds: Accounting for Halakhic difference in selected Sugyot from Tractate Avodah Zarah.

Terry-Lynn Tanaka (NES), Visiting Lecturer, Department of Near Eastern Studies, UC Berkeley.
Dress and Identity in Old Babylonian Texts
Advisor: Niek Veldhuis

Roehrig, Catharine Hershey. The Eighteenth Dynasty titles royal nurse (mn't nswt), royal tutor (mn't nswt), and foster brother/sister of the lord of the two lands (sn/sn't mn' n nb t8wy).

Anna Elena Torres (Jewish Studies)
With an Undone Shirt (Mit a tseshpilyet hemd): Anarchist Modernism in Yiddish Literature
Advisor: Chana Kronfeld

Nathalie Khankan (NES)
Breathing Sun-Drenched Horizons: The Possibility of Poetry in Post-Oslo Palestine
Advisor: Margaret Larkin

Mendoza, Barbara. Iconography and chronological development of the fisherman and fowler in ancient Egyptian tomb painting and relief: A contrast between tomb owner and marsh laborer.

Yedidya Etzion (Near Eastern Studies)
Philo of Alexandria&rsquo s Jewish Law: Uncovering the Foundations of a Second-Temple System of Jewish Law
Advisor: Daniel Boyarin

Kaiser, Kevin Robert. Water, milk, beer and wine for the living and the dead: Egyptian and Syro-Palestinian Bes-vessels from the New Kingdom through the Graeco-Roman Period.

Based on my research into the phenomenon of completed life, I have written  a Dutch book for the general public  in which the personal stories of older people play a prominent role.

David Michel Rosenberg-Wohl (Jewish Studies)
Reconstructing Jewish Identity on the Foundations of Hellenistic History: Azariah de’ Rossi’s Me’or ‘Enaym in the Late 66th Century Northern Italy
Advisor: Erich Gruen