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Report of Satish Chandra Committee on Civil Services

Date of publication: 2017-08-27 10:59

Coding knowledge is not required in Manual test, we should have good functional knowledge of application.
SQL querys are used in Database testing.

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I am not just saying blidly that we can write test cases in MSWORD also some times. It is my experience in writing the test cases in MSWROD for one project.

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Like 8775 I think it is critically important NOT to have the ability to pick a DBA when he is not a member of the group that is already associated with a record and vice versa. If any of them NULL it is ok, but if team 6 for example already associated with a record and team 6 has X Y Z employees I should not be able to enter an employee D and currently I can do that. 8776

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Govardhan Reddy M,
Software Test Engineer.
8775 Law of win says, Lets not do it in my way or your way,
But lets do it in the best way. 8776

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Rajatha and Sajani,
Yes, you should follow up on the status or feedback of the interview.
Reason being that u know where you went wrong. only then you can correct yourself. i dont see any prestige issue coming into play here.
Asking doubts does not make any one small it actually sends a statement to others that your interested in learning.
I dont see any thing wrong in asking for feedback of the interview. its another thing that the interviewer is ready to provide or not :)

Based on this LLD, We are going to design test plan.
Don 8767 t compare LLD with SRS/PRD. Just terms are different from employer to employer rather I would say from client to client. Just we are discussing with HLD and LLD.

Dear Mr. Saurabh ( # 798),
If you leave the decision to me, To the best of my knowledge (based on 7 8 hour of google and my real work environment), I can define the terms as below.

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