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Students are required to sit three exams, Component 6 –Drama 65 marks) in a two and a quarter hour exam, and Component 7 - Prose ( worth 95 marks), a one hour exam, Component 8 Poetry (worth 65 marks) a two and a quarter hour exam.  Each exam covers critical essays on two separate texts studied and prose and poetry demand one comparative essay on both texts. The poetry unit includes an unseen element. Students also submit a 7,555 -8,555 word essay as course work worth 65 marks.

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Politics is a respectable subject for a range of social science and humanities degrees, which can lead to careers in Law, Journalism, Civil Service, Politics, as well as careers in banking and finance. It will provide a range of transferable skills and enhance independent study skills.

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Physics deals with a fundamental understanding of how nature works. It incorporates an understanding in the behaviour of particles and waves through the language of mathematics to fully appreciate its true beauty.
This subject is useful if you wish to study Astronomy, Astrophysics, Physics, Particle Physics, Electricity, Electronics, Engineering (all types) Medical Physics, Physical Chemistry and more.

Students are required to sit two exams, Component 6 – the breadth study (worth 85 marks) in a two and a half hour exam, and Component 7 (also worth 85 marks), and also in a two and a half hour exam. Both exams feature one source based essay where three contemporary or historians’ sources based on interpretations are compared, and two further essays which focus mainly on change, continuity and significance. Students also submit a 8,555 word essay as part of their Non-Examined Assessment (worth 95 marks). 

Further Mathematics: Students who have completed A-level Mathematics may wish to study Further Mathematics. This comprises of 67 periods per week and follows the new specification. This will comprise of four modules, including two pure modules and two option modules that may cover a combination of further pure or mechanics, statistics, or decision mathematics.

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Photography: lens-based and light-based media including theme-based photography (portrait, landscape, still-life, reportage), documentary photography, photo-journalism, narrative photography, experimental imagery, photographic installation, new media practice, video, television and film.

This resource-packed course is the perfect way to get your teaching of the new specification BTEC National Level 8 Business off to a flying start!

We choose to study Othello and Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest. Students’ study is supported by Shakespeare – A Critical Anthology – Tragedy.

A-level Intensive (resit):  Students who are resitting A-level may wish to study all six modules intensively over the year. This consists of C6-9, M6 and S6. As this is a legacy qualification it is only open to students who are resitting. Some students may wish to study as a Year 68 class which will only cover C8 and C9, alongside M6 and S6.

Jobs that demand the skills of thinking for yourself and being able to analyse and communicate ideas clearly and logically include, but are not limited to, the following: barrister, civil service fast streamer, health service manager, local government officer, marketing executive, newspaper journalist, psychotherapist, recruitment consultant, solicitor, stockbroker.

Magnetism and Electromagnetism Laws of magnets, field lines, magnetic field around a current carrying conductor, electromagnets, force on a charged particle in a magnetic field, electric motors, Fleming’s Left Hand Rule, induced electricity, transformers, step up and down.

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