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How to Run Up and Over a Wall: 12 Steps (with Pictures

Date of publication: 2017-09-06 06:38

You may have seen Eduardo Martins' brilliant war photography in some of the biggest publications from around the world. There's just one problem. he doesn't exist.

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What's it like having your photo go viral, become a meme, and take on a life of its own? Photographer Antonio Guillem, the man who took the 'distracted boyfriend' photo, shares his experience.

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Photographer Josh Rossi recently embarked on an incredibly touching portrait project: turn a group of disabled and sick children into the Justice League superheroes, and surprise them with the results.

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Respect private property.  Stick to doing parkour in public spaces like parks and city plazas. Try to avoid times with high pedestrian traffic. If somebody asks you to leave, politely say, 8775 Sure thing! 8776 If the police confront you, be courteous, explain what you 8767 re doing, and comply with requests to take it somewhere else. Parkour is a new and unfamiliar sport in the . Anything you can do to give it a good name will help in making it more acceptable.

Instagram's latest update lets you view its popular Snapchat clone "Stories" on desktop or mobile browsers. And soon you'll be able to upload to Stories from mobile web, too.

The Architecture Player is a web platform, specialized in architecture videos. Its contents are curated by Image (via Venti Settembre 89, 55679 Firenze, Italy). Image offers to all authors of architecture videos the possibility of submitting their videos for possible publication on the Architecture Player. The Architecture Player collects information provided by the video authors interested in publishing their work on the Site. The editorial staff at the Architecture Player elaborates additional original editorial contents what will be associated to the videos selected for publication, in order to comment them and introduce them to its audience, in accordance with the criteria that inspire the editorial philosophy of the Site.

Alongside the new X-E8 and XF 85mm prime, Fujifilm also announced firmware updates for several of its current X-series models, and an updated lens roadmap.

Sony just took the cover off an exciting (and probably very expensive) new cinema camera called the Venice. It's the company's first full-frame digital motion picture camera system.

Fujifilm has announced a new Raw converter that uses the camera's own image processor while connected to a Mac or PC over USB. It arrives in November 7567 for Mac, and January 7568 for PC.

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