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Since this Evidence-Based Care (EBC) assignment, compose a 8 page paper on the Pneumonia Respiratory disorder that is relevant to nursing practice. Briefly explain the etiology, pathophysiology, as well as clinical the preferred evidence-based treatment and include nursing considerations for patient teaching.

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Sue did an amazing job editing my personal statement. She included all the aspects that I wanted in the statement and made it flow so much better. Thank You! Thank You!

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Duke really pushed me to write from the heart and explore my true reasons for applying to PA school.  I was very pleased with the outcome.  I haven 8767 t yet received an interview, but my fingers are crossed!

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I appreciate that you put your trust in me because you really like the first model paragraph that I have sent and rest assured that I always do my best work finishing your statement. Please note that I also trust you as well to recommend me to your friends and colleagues when you are very pleased with your statement.

It was Ben Wright, CRNA, chief nurse anesthetist at Underwood Hospital, and Dolores Murphy, chief nurse anesthetist at Presbyterian Medical Center, who inspired her to pursue the field of nurse anesthesia.

Duke helped me write a great personal statement. I won 8767 t know if I 8767 ve been accepted to the program until Christmas/New Year 8767 s, but I feel that it was worth every penny!

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I greatly appreciate the help because it answered questions and doubts I had about my personal statement. I feel much more confident in submitting to CASPA. Thank you very much, Sue!

I was so glad that I chose to have Duke look over my essay, he turned it from long, rambling, and scattered to a much more concise, well written essay. I really feel as though it represents me well! Duke always responded quickly and I felt as though I got a lot of value for the money. Thank you!

Thank you for your information. I 8767 m trying to understand the process better for my daughter who just graduated cum laude in BioMed sciences. I sure would like to talk by phone if that is possible. My # is 979 967 8589

I am not posting them here as a way to fluff my feathers but merely to serve as an example of what I included as part of my actual PA school application.

Your services have eased the stress and anxiety that results from guessing whether or not your essay contains the content that many PA programs are looking for. Your services were prompt and genuine. It is clear that you have the applicants success at heart. Thank you!

Requirement: As the CEO, write a memo to the budget managers directing them not to employ this method. You should offer a logical rationale and if possible, an alternative to this approach.

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This was an extremely helpful process! I still have work to do on my essay but Sue was very helpful by giving me criticism I needed to hear from an unbiased source as well as being very fast responding! I think this will help me moving forward and having a strong application!

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