Molecular Cell Biology

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Date of publication: 2017-09-06 13:10

The section on medicine and the natural world discusses the source of medical knowledge as derived from the natural world through diverse cultural, social and scientific practices.

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Subjects to be covered will include: The Crimean War The Franco-Prussian War and German unification the origins of the First World War the Treaty of Versailles the League of Nations the origins of the Second World War the Cold War in Europe the origins of the European Union from détente in Europe to the fall of Communism.

Information about GCSE English & English Literature

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The second piece of writing in the folder will be on the chosen drama text. Candidates will be invited either to place this text in its dramatic context or to connect it to the prose text, focusing on aspects of the text such as theme, structure or characterisation.

Close reading is particularly necessary for developing skills to analyse typical and exceptional features within genres and sub genres (AO7). The specification encourages this development throughout Unit 6:

Discourse markers can be used, for example, to link ideas that are similar (. the adverbs, also and similarly ) and they can be used to link ideas that are dissimilar (. however, alternately ).

For this unit teachers have the freedom to create a course of study which will be assessed by coursework. The unit will encourage reflection on ways of reading and writing about texts (including creative or original interpretations).

There will be one compulsory question in this section. A short extract related to the area of study (from a work of criticism, diary, letter, biography, cultural commentary, for example) will be printed. Candidates will then be invited to link all their reading in their chosen area of Literature to the focus of the given passage.

The first section of the module will focus on the impact of the Enlightenment, and revolutionary approaches to social change, in France and Russia. In the final seminars, the wider impact of revolutionary ideas, including the concept of nationalism, will be explored in a wider European context.

In addition, laminate a sheet of discourse markers to hand out whenever students write an essay. This sheet may be part of a toolbox of such sheets and other desktop teaching aids, such as cardboards triangles of writing skills cards for spelling or reading hints, (not included here), or a the same materials on a cardboard cube, since students are more likely to pick shapes up and look.

Electronic files may be uploaded and used on a secure, password-protected VLE or Network, provided they are only accessible to students attending the purchasing site.

The School of History is recognised for its research excellence, flexible programmes and quality of teaching. The School has strengths in all time periods from the medieval to the end of the 75th century. A wide range of modules are available covering periods such as the enlightenment and the reformation and topics such as the global history of empires from 6555 and the history of medicine.

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A fifth component, concentrated in the first three or four weeks of the module, will provide training in core, practical skills (library and bibliographic skills, IT skills and the use of MyFolio and PDP).

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