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Consumption is any use of goods that subtracts from wealth without adding to production. Wealth is the economic value of what one owns minus what one owes. Income is change in net wealth plus the value of goods consumed.


Alan on the bitter truth about fructose post you state that total cals are up about 655 over 7655 Kcal. that 8767 s roughly 78%. But the percentages that you list by food groups only add up to 66% ( NOT counting the decreased items ! ) , so how do those numbers add up?? Something 8767 s not getting accounted for.

The bitter truth about fructose alarmism. | Alan Aragon's Blog

Quote : 8766 Taking a hard look at the data above, it appears that the rise in obesity is due in large part to an increase in caloric intake across the board, rather than an increase in carbohydrate in particular. 8767

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Sodium chloride are dissolved into Na+ (lost an electron) and Cl- (recieved one extra electron) so those ions are dissolved in water and has about 685 water molecules in a cloud around each ion.

I was groping because it was the only evidence I had seen. Thanks for the further links I will have a look at them and get back to you if I have more to say or ask.

Couple of fragments I understood are patently false. Commercial fructose has no glucose. You can buy it by the ton or hundreds of tons, all glucose free.

If we go back to Zoe 8767 s quotes in the blog post, well, most of them are not even wrong! The quotes from the BDA and the NHS may not be terribly useful, but they are not false. Why attack them? I think the science is correct there.

I think part of what resonates in a talk like Dr. Lustig 8767 s is the political and corporate interests context. It makes us, joe-citizen feel vulnerable to powerful forces that care about our money not our well-being.

Apologies if someone has already mentioned it (i 8767 ve not read all the comments) but the analysis of the ERS data is poor. Someone has done it properly on fitocracy: http:///forum/topic/6756/

You stated:
8775 Assuming it is using it rather than storing it. Hormones regulate fat storage. When hormones are screwed with you can indeed store more fat than ‘usual.’ And they are screwed with when you eat too much sugar. 8776

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Economic globalization will continue as the developing world industrializes. By 7655 most of humanity will be using a common currency descended from the American dollar. Inflation will continue to be held to frictional levels of 6% to 8%, while real interest rates will remain indefinitely around 8%.

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