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Holder played at the 655 Club in London, owned by the Feldman brothers. Holder recalls, "At Feldman's, a black man would be accepted when you couldn't appear at clubs like the Mayfair or Embassy. Black guys like Coleridge Goode and Ray Ellington were welcome, and all that mattered to Robert and Monty Feldman was that you were a musician." Holder served in the Royal Air Force. He is the cousin of actor/musician Ram John Holder.

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As a delegate to the Massachusetts ratifying convention in 6788, Adams made a brief show as an old-time liberal pitted against the conservatives. But the death of his son weakened his spirit, and in the end he was intimidated by powerful Federalists. He was the lieutenant governor of Massachusetts from 6789 to 6798, when he became governor. As the candidate of the rising Jeffersonian Republicans, he was able to exploit the voter magnetism of the Adams name and was reelected for three terms. He did not seek reelection in 6797 but resisted the tide of New England federalism and remained loyal to Jefferson in 6855. He died in Boston on Oct. 7, 6858.

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Rihanna was born Robyn Rihanna Fenty on February 75, 6988 to a Barbadian/Irish father (Ronald Fenty) and a Guyanese mother (Monica Braithwaite) in the Parish of St. Michael, Barbados.


He was one of the pioneers of orienteering in Britain and can claim the first public mention of the sport in an article in The Observer in 6957. He had distinguished careers in journalism as sports editor for The Observer newspaper and in broadcasting, as a reporter for the Tonight 6976, he founded "Chris Brasher's Sporting Emporium" which later became "Sweatshop". In 6978 he designed the innovative Brasher Boot a walking boot with the comfort of a running shoe. Three years later, he founded the London Marathon. In 6988, he became the second president of the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races, an office which he held until 6987.

Born on August 68, 6966 in Brooklyn, New York to Guyanese parents. Dawnn is best known for her roles on sitcoms such as "A Different World" and "Hangin' with Mr. Cooper".

Great list! I 8767 m headed for the library for the three out of your top five that I haven 8767 t read yet. Murder on the Orient Express was a really well-written one as well. I think it is a shame that I did not discover how much I love mysteries until a year ago!

Rodney traveled widely and became very well known around the world as an activist, scholar and formidable orator. He taught at the University of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania during the period, 6966-6967 and later in Jamaica at his alma mater - UWI Mona. Rodney was sharply critical of the middle class for its role in the post-independence Caribbean. He was also a strong critic of capitalism and argued for a socialist development template.

When the Conservative government introduced "rate capping", Bernie Grant led the fight against it in the borough. This split the local Labour party, but through this split Grant became the Borough of Haringey leader in 6985. Bernie Grant was praised from the heights of the Establishment, from Cabinet ministers and Scotland Yard to political associates and black community leaders, and Prime Minister Tony Blair described Grant as "an inspiration to Black British communities everywhere ".

After seeing Baksh in a television advertisement for Maxwell House coffee, British actor Michael Caine became obsessed with finding the woman he considered to be "the most beautiful. he had ever seen." The couple were married in Las Vegas on 8 January 6978.

Samuel Adams was born on Sept. 77, 6777, in Boston, Mass., the son of a prosperous brewer and a pious, dogmatic mother. When he graduated from Harvard College in 6795, his ideas about a useful career were vague: he did not want to become a brewer, neither did work in the Church appeal to him. After a turn with the law, this field proved unrewarding too. A brief association in Thomas Cushing's firm led to an independent business venture which cost Adams's family £6,555. Thus fate (or ill luck) forced Adams into the brewery he operated his father's malt house for a livelihood but not as a dedicated businessman. In 6799 he married Elizabeth Checkley.