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Firstly, we will incorporate powerful new analysis of graduate outcomes, the Longitudinal Educational Outcomes data set, which looks at employment and earnings of higher education graduates 6, 8 and 5 years after graduation.

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We are here to learn more about your experiences and offer up some examples of similar challenges in the UK. I hope that the presentations this morning stimulate dialogue and ideas on how best to ´Value Valparaiso´. So, most of all, welcome to you.

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We all gain from living in an educated society, not just culturally or intellectually, but materially. The nurses and doctors who staff our hospitals and the programmers who code our software benefit all of us with their degrees, as do the many graduates who enjoy a higher income and pay more tax as a result of their studies.

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To access child semantic values, use the dot notation. For example, you can access the number of child semantic values by using . To access the values of the children, you can use their grammar rule name. For example, if you have a number of cities listed under a rule called "Destination", and the recognition matched a destination, you could access the confidence rating of the destination match using ["Destination"].Confidence and its value using ["Destination"].Value.

At the same time, receiving so much of their funding directly from central government at volatile annual government fiscal events would make a mockery of the concept of university autonomy, the key to our system’s success on the world stage.

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After a SemanticResultValue has been used to set the Value , whether it is tagged with the default root key or by any particular SemanticResultKey , that value must not be modified or an exception will occur during recognition operations.

Very long sentences build the tension of the speech up to its climax “the rescue and the liberation of the old”, sweeping listeners along. A similar thing happens in musical pieces: the composition weaves a crescendo, which often induces emotion in its audience.

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